How to make a product review

Love an item you've recently purchased from ShopSM? Tell us about it!
We'll give you a ₱10 ShopSM voucher for every product review you've made.  The more reviews you make from items you've purchased, the more vouchers you can earn !



It's easy to make a review about a product you recently purchased on ShopSM! Here's how:

1. Log in to your ShopSM account.
2. Select the order you want to make a review on.

Select the order you want to make a review on


3. Click the item you want to make a review on.
Click on the item you want to review


4. Locate the customer review panel at the bottom of the page and click on "Write a Review"



5. Complete the review form and once done, click SUBMIT!


6. Get a confirmation message that your review was submitted.


Easy, right? Make one now!





I've reviewed the item I've ordered and it has been successfully posted online. What's next?

You will receive your unique ₱10 ShopSM voucher code through your registered email account within 2 days after your review has been successfully posted.


Will my ₱10 voucher codes expire?

Yes, they will expire on December 31, 2022.


I've reviewed all the items I've ordered and they have been successfully posted online. I now have more than one unique Php10 voucher code. May I request to combine or stack them up?

Yes, you may request to combine your unique ₱10 ShopSM vouchers. Send us a message with the following information if you wish to combine your vouchers:

  • Name
  • Registered e-mail address
  • Unique voucher codes that you wish to combine


Every successful review you make of items you've purchased gets you unique ₱10 ShopSM voucher codes that you can use or combine for your succeeding orders. What are you waiting for? 

Make one now!