10x SMAC Points all Women's Wednesdays

Purchases from our picks and included in the Women’s Wednesdays catalog will let you get 10x your SMAC points!


Customer has to meet the following requirements:

  1. Minimum spend requirement
  2. Use this voucher code upon check out
  3. Enter SMAC card details upon check out




March 3


P100 off P1,000

March 10


P150 off P1,500

March 17


P250 off P1,500

March 24


P200 off P1,800



 1. What is the promo about?

Customers who purchase and enter the promo code can avail of the 10x points on their purchases.

 2. When will the points be awarded?

The promo will run the whole month of March. The awarding of points will happen on April 2021. You may check the status of your points come April.

 3. Why do I need to use the code?

This will help us manage the transactions better. At the same time, it will allow you to get discounts as long as you meet the minimum spend requirement.

 4. What if I don’t meet the minimum spend?

Sorry, you wont be able to quality for the 10x offer.

 5. Can I ask you to credit the points somewhere?

No, we can only credit the points to the enrolled SMAC account upon checkout.

 6. When you say 10x – what does that mean?

For example, you purchase a product worth P400, where you will already get 2 points (P400/400 = 1 point). Because of the 10x promo, you should get 10 points. Since you have 1 points already, we will be seeding your additional points of 9 by April.

 7. Can I still get 10x points beyond this schedule?

No, you can only get points during the designated days.