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SM Home Joey Office Chair - Black1SM Home Joey Office Chair - Black2


Megabox Storage Box 6L (Clear)1




MegaBox Storage Box 12L - Clear1MegaBox Storage Box 12L - Clear2




Megabox 3-Piece Mesh Tray Set1Megabox 3-Piece Mesh Tray Set2


Union Anti-Mosquito Stand Fan1Union Anti-Mosquito Stand Fan2



MegaBox Storage Box 50L1MegaBox Storage Box 50L2


Select Comfort Zip Pillow Filler 500g1Select Comfort Zip Pillow Filler 500g2


Home Gallery Tornado Mop ZT161Home Gallery Tornado Mop ZT162


MegaBox Laundry Basket 27L1MegaBox Laundry Basket 27L2


SM Home Pedal Bin 16L  -  Bronze1SM Home Pedal Bin 16L  -  Bronze2


Megabox Single Drawer Box1Megabox Single Drawer Box2




Home Gallery Tornado Mop ZT Head Refill1Home Gallery Tornado Mop ZT Head Refill2




MegaBox Storage Box 58L1MegaBox Storage Box 58L2


MegaBox Laundry Basket 33L1MegaBox Laundry Basket 33L2


MegaBox Large Dish Drainer - White1MegaBox Large Dish Drainer - White2



Hosh 6-Pack Spoon - Victoria1Hosh 6-Pack Spoon - Victoria2










SM Home: Affordable Home Essentials

Do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions are the easiest way to go about with your planned home improvement. Got free time on your hands? Stop scrolling down your Pinterest board and start making your dream home a reality with SM Home.

The SM store has come up with a budget-friendly product line for practical homeowners and home improvement enthusiasts. Appealing to the taste of both modern minimalists and trendsetters, SM Home offers simple home essentials for all people and lifestyles.

Bring your home ideas to life with quality and affordable home essentials. Take your pick from a variety of SM Home appliances, furniture, and accessories for every room in your living space.

Create an organized and clean area with chic storage solutions that can match any home aesthetic. You can also have more room to move around with space-saving furniture. Throw in some trendy accent pieces like pillows, photo frames, and vases to showcase your creative flair.

A stylish home should also be functional. Find great multi-purpose products and decor curated and selected for diverse living spaces. There’s no need to look further, ShopSM can be your next shopping destination for all home essentials. Browse through the SM Home catalog and discover fantastic finds with the best deals. Shop for your home today!