Watsons 4-Pack 3-Ply Flower Travel Tissue Set




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Tissues full of love, from forests full of life. The world's forests are precious, and we can all do our part in ensuring they survive for generations to come. The Forest Stewardship Council' (FSCM)-certified products help support the responsible management of forests, which covers sustainable forest resource use, indigenous and local communities rights, conservation, restoration, biodiversity in forest ecosystems and respect for all. All Watsons tissues are FSC-certified, so when you shop with us you're not just looking after yourself- you're looking after our planet too.

  • Set includes 4 packs of tissues with 50 sheets per pack
  • 100% virgin wood pulp
  • 3-ply
  • Ultra-soft
  • Dermatologically tested
  • SKU Code: WSP-50028852

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