NUK Luna Comfortable Electric Breast Pump




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Comfortably and efficiently express breast milk with this electric pump. It has an adjustable suction strength and textured cushion to minimize discomfort for every mom.

  • 2-step rhythm: step 1 stimulates milk flow, step 2 express efficiently

  • Gentle and adjustable for maximum comfort

  • Super soft textured silicone cushion for pleasant massage and optimal fit

  • High expressing action

  • BPA free

  • Adjustable suction strength

  • Phases can be selected and switch any time

  • Can be mains or battery-operated

  • Includes: NUK first choice and anti-colic seat silicone, protective cap, screw ring, closure, disc, base, NUK breast milk container, mains plug & adapter plug

  • SKU: NCP-10066437

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