Parisian Women's Sandy Slip-ons




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Product Detail

  • Two-band tonal slip-on sandals
  • Made from synthetic leather upper
  • Designed with monotone buckle accessory
  • SKU Code: LSP-20095444

Reviews (7)

  • Anne Absalon

    Anne Absalon

    Bad because they sent me the wrong color. I ordered black and sent me brown.

  • Cindy Barrios

    Cindy Barrios


    its so comfy, very light weight and Super sturdy.. i love it so much. . And super love how they packed the item it is so secure..
  • Hannah Fe  Rivamonte

    Hannah Fe Rivamonte

    the product is nice but they gave me the wrong color. I ordered Tan but they gave me Caramel without any notice of what

    well packed the delivery guy was so nice. But the money is worth it tho.
  • Alanis Bulaclac

    Alanis Bulaclac

    Super gandaa grabe šŸ˜

    The color and design

  • Stella Gurion

    Stella Gurion

    Not good

    Tan inorder ko ibang kulay pinadala šŸ˜­šŸ˜­ pano isauli. MAy dents pa.

  • Shlmr Brndl

    Shlmr Brndl

    I ordered color tan witch is the light brown but you give me Camel color witch is the dark brown

    The variation of color is wrong give attention to this
  • Eliza Taban

    Eliza Taban

    I cannot place my order