Sheba Melty Tuna Cat Treats 24g



Product Detail

  • Sheba Melty Cat Creamy Treats
  • Tuna Flavor
  • Cat of All Breeds and Sizes
  • Feed up to 1 sachet per day. Please reduce main meal accordingly.
  • Supply fresh water at all times
  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives added.
  • SHEBA Creamy Snacks are creamy cat snacks in 12g sachets. Due to its creamy texture the snack can be easily squeezed from the sachet and is thus ideal for hand feeding
  • SHEBA Creamy Snacks create a special moment between you and your cat, for even more time together
  • SHEBA Creamy Snacks, a creamy-textured treat designed to be delicately hand fed. Simply squeeze from sachet. A special experience that you and your cat will love.

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