Lumix LED Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker - White




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Product Detail

A sleek and multi-function desktop tool perfect for playing pick-me-up tunes during late night studying.

Reviews (5)

  • 글라이 사

    글라이 사

    Very nice can put it in its warmest light for it to last till morning

    U can adjust its light to avoid consuming its battery so fast

  • Dia Lana

    Dia Lana

    Nah. Annoying lamp

    Will just turn on randomly even when not tapped or pressed

  • Lita Tan

    Lita Tan

    Led lamp

    Good value stuff to give light

  • Lita tan

    Lita tan

    Lumix led lamp

    Space server but quality yet to be tested

  • Anne



    Affordable and quality. My experience with SM online shopping is excellent!.