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Top Pillow Brands in the Philippines Featured at ShopSM

If we’re to discuss starting from its origin, you’ll be surprised to learn that pillows used to be hard. The first pillows discovered date back to 7000 B.C.E. and were made of stones. They were only used by the wealthy and were a symbol of status. Aren’t you glad pillows are soft and can be used by everyone these days?

Aside from that, there used to be many different materials used in making pillows. Some of the most popular ones are memory foam, down pillows, feather pillows, and microbead pillows. They each have their benefits so make sure to read up on their distinct qualities before buying.

ShopSM gathers the top pillow brands in the Philippines because you deserve to sleep well at night. The famous online shopping platform offers an array of items to help you sleep better. 

Check out the memory foam pillow from the Philippine brand HOSH. It’s a quality yet reasonably priced alternative for pricey memory foam products from international brands.

From nursing pillows for mothers and baby pillows for infants, there’s something for everyone in-store. Don’t forget the adorable plushies and cute bolster pillows to adorn your toddler’s bed (or yours) at night.

No more tossing and turning at night. With this pillow collection, you’ll enjoy the best shut-eye every night. 

Want a good night’s rest? Shop your comfy pillows at ShopSM and experience sleep like no other!