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Power Your Homes With Firefly

Every home needs various electrical appliances for the convenience of all its residents. No matter what kind of house you live in, you and your family deserve the best products to make your space truly livable. With Firefly’s electrical products, you’re provided great comfort through high-quality appliances for your home.

Firefly is a brand under the Firefly Electric & Lighting Corporation (FELCO), established in 2001. Since its inception, Firefly has dedicated its twenty years to offering high-quality, cost-efficient, and affordable lighting and electrical equipment. With over 8,500 stores, 1,000 professional partner accounts, 345 sales experts, and 11 distribution hubs, Firefly has cemented itself as a trusted brand every Filipino can rely on for their electrical appliances.

The inventory of Firefly products includes different types of lighting fixtures, LED bulbs, and emergency lighting. These products provide light to other parts of your home, allowing a well-lit space for work, chores, or even just lounging around your residence. And in the event of a power outage, Firefly’s emergency lighting serves as a handy backup while you wait for the electricity to return.

Aside from these, they also offer air humidifiers, electric fans, and air coolers. Firefly ensures that you have a source of cool air that can give you comfort and respite amid the country’s hot summers.

When it comes to safety, the assurance Firefly provides is unparalleled. Each product is tested thoroughly to ensure it passes both local and international safety standards. Each time you buy a Firefly product, you are guaranteed an electrical appliance that provides quality performance and the best value for your cash.

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