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Health Guard UVC LED Sterilization Portable Air Purifier

Health Guard



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Product Detail

  • Health Guard
  • Weight: 0.30 kg
  • Product Size :D= 6.7 cm x H= 17.2 cm
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy and ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
  • Package includes : Air Purifier , USB cable and User Manual
  • UV Wavelength: 260nm - 280nm
  • Input: 5V 1000mA
  • USB Output: 5V 1000mA
  • LED Life: 10000 hour
  • UVC LED: 2 Pcs.
  • Dust / Smoke Removal
  • H13 HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter
  • Sterilization rate of 99.99%
  • High Efficiency Sterilization
  • Eco-Friendly UVC LED
  • Applicable to car, office home and travelling
  • Aromatherapy function, mini and portable
  • SKU: NCP-10087654

  • How to use
  • Connecting Power : Please put the air purifier into cup holder and insert USB cable into power supply. After power on, the air purifier will automatically start to work
  • Operation Instruction : After power on, the gentle wind / strong wind / standby mode can be switched by pressing the switch. The light of the switch is blue which symbolize that the item is working.
  • USB Output : After power on, the USB port outputs 5V-1A power, which could supply power to all kinds of portable electronic devices.
  • SKU: NCP-10087654

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