Firefly Rechargeable Multi-function Foldable Fan FEL-656




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Product Detail

A practical and handy must-have that keeps you cool during power outages.

  • Fire retardant housing and lightweight material
  • Overcharge and overdischarge protection
  • Emergency night light
  • Built-in hook for various mounting options
  • Foldable and compact design
  • SKU Code: WAP-10161143

Reviews (10)

  • rahimah palagawad

    rahimah palagawad

    Cannot add to my cart?why?is this available?

    I want this product but it cannot add to my cart?

  • Felizarta Arianrose

    Felizarta Arianrose

    Great 👍

  • Karen Ban-as

    Karen Ban-as

    Ang laki nang shipping fee ko almost 200, Sana ilagay niyo muna kung magkano shipping fee niyo para makadecide kami kung mag o,order ba. Dun na namin malamin sa dulo eh.

  • Lyn Famisaran

    Lyn Famisaran


  • Nina Estella

    Nina Estella


    Thank you so much for this. It was delivered on time and on good condition. Ang ganda nitong chargeable fan and in good condition. Thanks shop SM.

  • Anonymous


    Not bad

    it's working. Comes with a USB cable for charging. It says on the manual charging time is 5 hrs and duration is 2 hours only for high setting

  • Mitz Mirasol

    Mitz Mirasol


  • Jojo Rubino

    Jojo Rubino

    Highly recommended!

    Ang ganda pala talaga ng product na e2..salamat po FIREFLY😊

  • Cherryl Trinidad

    Cherryl Trinidad



  • Dale Marie Renomeron

    Dale Marie Renomeron

    Fantastic! Super handy and worth the price. I love it! 😍

    It is durable, has emergency night light, and very affordable for its specs! 😍