Drying Rack T-model, 20 metres - Metallic Grey



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Drying Rack T-model, 20 metres - Metallic Grey

This T-model drying rack happily hangs up to two machine loads, including trousers, on its adjustable wings. With the unique transport lock, this rack is easy to move, without collapsing. Beneath there's a platform for flat drying of delicate laundry. Naturally, so better for the planet. All dry? Fold it flat and store it away. Truly, a tiptop rack.

  • Can take up to two machine loads of laundry
  • For laundry items big and small - adjustable wing height
  • Compact size when folded and easy to put up
  • Easy to move, even when loaded with laundry with transport lock
  • Child lock prevents accidental folding
  • Suitable for (flat) drying of delicate laundry with drying platform
  • Less chance of damage to the floor with robust protective caps
  • 20-meter total length
  • SKU Code: WAP-38013296

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