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Know Your Skin Type

Before you embark on your skincare journey, it's important for you to know your skin type first! Take this short quiz to know your skin type and the beauty products that will work well with your skin type.


Now, for the nitty gritty—here's a basic breakdown of each skin type.

Products for Oily Skin
Best Beauty Products for Normal Skin
Best Beauty Products for Combination Skin
Best Beauty Products for Dry Skin
Best Beauty Products for Sensitive Skin

Oily Skin
Having oily skin is not that bad as your skin will not as prone to premature aging and wrinkling as the other skin types. Although pores are usually pretty enlarged and do tend to have more acne breakouts, oily skin can be  maintained  through gentle cleansing everyday. You don’t want to use harsh products that strip your skin of oil, because it will simply make matters worse. You don’t want your skin to produce even more oil, right?

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Normal Skin
#Blessed with  problem-free skin—complexion is usually supple, well hydrated, elastic. Although it seems like you don't really need to do anything, it’s still important to cleanse, tone, and moisturize your face at the end of day. Minimal care is still needed to keep that healthy glow.

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Combination Skin
Probably the trickiest skin type there is!  You have patches of dry skin and areas of oily skin that need to be balanced out. That means targeted types of care for these specific facial areas. Dry zones (near the cheeks and eyes) are usually treated with rich creams while oily areas will require lighter texture like gel-type or water-based moisturizers. The keyword here is balance.

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Dry Skin
Refined skin with almost invisible pores. Your skin usually looks flaky with dry patches, skin might feel tight and uncomfortable after washing. Because it is dry, this type of skin can develop a sallow tone, as it won’t reflect light hence skin perpetually looks dull. It’s good to use hydrating products to replenish your skin’s moisture.

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Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can be identified by how it reacts to topical products. You might experience burning or itching sensations when using certain products, especially peels (i.e., retinol) or ones with fragrance. Sensitive skin is also prone to skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, or rosacea, so if you have any of those, chances are you have sensitive skin. Remember that your skin can get become sensitive through things like aging and excessive retinol use.

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Here are some of our product recommendations for each skin type. Remember, these products are not a one-size-fits-all type. What worked for your friend might not work for you so tread lightly.